Oracle ADF

Aruman Software Technologies proclaimed that it has appended Oracle Application Development Framework in its fragrance of services for software applications development.

With a substantial background of large scale application deployments, the expertness Aruman has in acquiring, migrating and maintaining software based on Oracle technologies, ascertains a brought down time to commercialise, scalable and feature rich applications.

ADF is Oracle’s end-to-end solution for enterprise applications evolution, with success combining Java programming with declaratory coding. It bids a straightforward formula for discovering the business layer to the view controller, a ready-to-use set of visible elements, out of the box security and additional features that direct to a speedy application development.

Applying Orcle ADF and JDeveloper as constructing web-based applications, our teams have accomplished a outstanding betterment in development speed. With a appreciable experience in Java programming, we have quickly acquired deep understanding of ADF framework and its fundamental technologies:

# ADF Business Components
# ADF Task Flows
# ADF Faces Components & Skining
# ADF Data Visualization Components
# ADF Security

Oracle ADF is an throughout development framework, built upon top of the Enterprise Java platform, extending unequalled productivity to application developers. The framework allows incorporate infrastructure solutions for the diverse layers of the application and a comfortable way to develop on top of it.
Aruman has been one of the pioneers in extending Oracle founded enterprise software in India. Its flagship products applies Oracle 11g. Aruman has constituted at the cutting edge of technology innovation and adoption. This has assisted clients derive maximum ROI in Aruman products and services.

Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) is an advanced, even so mature Java EE developing framework available from Oracle and unlike earliest frameworks is directly affirmed and enabled by the award gaining development environment, Oracle JDeveloper 11g.

Oracle ADF simplifies Java EE evolution by understating the need to compose code that implements the application’s infrastructure permitting the users to concentrate on the features of the actual application. Oracle ADF caters these infrastructure implementations as component of the framework. To acknowledge a set of runtime services is not adequate, Oracle ADF is also concentrated on the development experience to allow a visual and asserting approach to Java EE evolution through the Oracle JDeveloper 11g development tool.

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Service Features

  • Quick Development
  • End-to-End solution
  • Well Documented
  • Platform Independent
  • Metadata Driven
  • Declarative Customization
  • Enhanced Reusability
  • Security
  • Powerful Framework
  • PL/SQL extperties
  • Report Integration
  • Enhanced Development


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